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  YOUNG SCIENTIFIC DETECTIVES CONSTRUCT A WATER FILTER! During our mission "The Way of Water in Our Town", the students performed an experiment related to water purification. They prepared:  water contaminated with soil,  filter materials - sand, sponge, cellulose fibers (paper towel), cotton fibers (cosmetic pads). Three successively applied filters gradually purified the water.    Student's conclusions:  The filtering process was successful and students got almost transparent, clear water.  Filters eliminated in the first stage the smell of soil, while the dye was the most difficult to remove.  Filtration through layers of the strip took the longest time.  The larger fractions turned out to be the easiest to remove size - the smaller the contaminants, the more complex the filters had to be.   The experiment allowed us to illustrate both the operation of the water treatment plant and partly its operation sewage treatment plants. After the experiment was completed, the qu

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